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Better Myself
Better Myself

Better Myself

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** You DO NOT need to know your waist size for permanent waist beads. Instructions on how to put them on will come in your package.**


Waist Bead Benefits:

- Weight Loss/Gain Tracking 
- Fashion Accessories
- Pregnancy (Tracks baby's growth and once the mommy delivers her baby, she gets to use the same bead as her own weight tracker) Also great for post-partum confidence building 

- Self-esteem boosting 


Color Benefits:


Royal Blue: Peace and Harmony - allowing you to speak your truth 

Gold: Wealth, Wisdom, Strengthens Manifestations 

Red: Strengthens your relationships with work and life in general 



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Reason one

We allow you to customize ANY order. Just send us an email or DM us on Instagram and we will be happy to put your vision to life!

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Reason two

By wearing our jewelry, we empower all races and genders. Our jewelry promotes self-love, confidence and empowerment.